Job Title

Looking for engineers/interns interested in developing speech and audio processing AI and algorithms.


Software Engineer

Job Category/Type

Full/Part time, Internship

Primary Location

4-16-6 Hongo, Bunkyouku, Tokyo, Japan



Job Description

With our R & D team, we would like you to develop speech and audio processing AI and algorithms. We are currently developing a new spectacle type device that can “select a particular sound” in a noisy environment and naturally create one's “personal space”, while still being connected to the outside world. Starting with researching and reviewing the state of the art, we focus on developing our original algorithm in Python, aiming to implement it into our device. Eventually we would optimize and accelerate our algorithm to embed it to hardwares. The number of Artificial Intelligence companies has been increasing throughout these years, however, we see few of those working in the audio processing field. Our goal is to produce devices in the audio processing field, and bring a technological impact to the world. Please let us know if you have any questions, or interested in our position!

▽ Preferred Qualifications

・Understands or interested in signal and audio processing.
・Interested in working with a startup company.
・Ability to create and learn to improve one’s interest.
・Logical thinking skills.
・Ability to optimize and improve existing ideas.
・Ability to go beyond interest, and like to research and discover.
・Ability to write in Python, C/C++, or other programming languages.
・Ability to read scholarly papers and technical documentations in English.
・Basic math knowledge (Linear algebra, statistics, probability).
・Experience in machine learning and deep learning.
・Experience in software framework.